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PVLAN Trunk-hack

Ever had the need to use PVLANs in conjunction with one or more trunks, but your Cisco-switch doesn’t support it? I did. And I found a solution. It works well, but if you need to trunk many PVLANs, then this is not the solution you’re looking for; get a 4500/6500 to play with instead.

I’ll be using my scenario as an example in this article, but you could use it for whatever other reasons you might have. At school we have a Cisco-lab, with 5 racks containing various Cisco-equipment. For a while now, there’s been situations where you’d really like a DHCP-server, TFTP-server, or similar, at hand. So, since we already had a VMware ESXi-server running in the lab, it was fairly easy to setup a dedicated lab-server. However, since this ESXi also had to be publicly available, and the lab-network shouldn’t be, we decided to use a trunk between the ESXi and our 3560G (sitting as a gateway between the lab, the servers, and the internet). Each VM is then assigned to their respective VLANs. All well so far.